Audition outfit: video game commerical

If you're wondering why there was only one, piddly, non-fashion post yesterday it's because I had to do the three hour drive back up to Dallas for another audition. While I'm extremely happy to be back to work after six months off, I do wish the auditions would start migrating down my way soon!
audition outfit: video gamer girl
audition outfit: video gamer girldate: 28 October 2009
project: video game commercial and web spot
role: college aged, a little hip, "not model pretty", "authentic gamer", spokeswoman
tee: F21
vest: American Apparel
barrette (as pin): Claires
jeans: BDG
shoes: Alfani

Little known fact about me: when I have time, I actually do play video games! I have both a Wii and a PS3. I got a Nintendo when I was five, and I used to invite boys over to play if I believed they could actually play as good as me. Let me tell you: in Seymour, Indiana in the late 80's and early 90's, that list remained very, very small. I'm still pretty sure I can school most people at Street Fighter, Doctor Mario, and Tetris. I joke around that if my acting and writing careers die I can be a professional video game hustler.