Stellar Seller: Style Station

When I did the Buy Definition photos last week, Dagny asked me if I had ever been to Style Station.
"Nope. Never heard of it," I said.
She then let me in on what I consider to be one of the best kept vintage shop secrets in all of Texas. Twelve miles north of Waco on a deserted stretch of road along the west side of I35 is this magical, lost-in-time place, called Style Station:

style station map and outside
Style Station (inside right)
Style station (inside center)
I was in shock! It was filled to the rafters and had accessories tucked in every nook and cranny. There were racks and racks of pearl snap shirts and billions of boots and vintage Levi's. This shop is now a must-stop for me every time I travel between Austin and Dallas. I couldn't find it on my way up north yesterday, so as I was coming back down I gave 'em a call.
me: What time do y'all close?
Art (the owner): We close everyday at 7:00.
me (extremely disappointed, as it was 6:20, and I was still an hour away): Oh, okay. I'll have to catch you the next time I pass through. I couldn't find you on my way up to Dallas, and I'm heading back down to Austin right now.
Art: Where are you now? If you can make it by 8:30, I'll stay open for you.
me: Really?
Art: Yep. We'll see you soon!

When I got there, it was dark and still hard to find. After a couple turn-arounds, there it was in an old gas station, with a rusted out truck in front. Nonetheless, I was impressed. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to get home, and Art (bless his heart) talked my ear off. I only made it out with a few items:

Style Station treasures
1. never worn 1980's riding boots (very similar to Jessica's but $350 cheaper), 2. a book about war that Art gifted me with when he found out my dad was killed in active duty back in 1983, 3- an 80's tourist tee/ night gown that Art said "I hate this shirt. I'm glad to see it go. I should pay you to take it out of here.", and 4- a 1970's gold boho necklace that reminds me of something I'd see on Plain Objects. Ain't she perdy?
1970's hippie necklace
I was able to pick up a couple shirts for Hubs in preparation for the Year of the Man Make-over:
Pearl snaps for Hubs

I showed them to him this morning, and I'm pretty sure he hates them. He tried to put on a brave face, but I could tell he did not really like the flowers and paisley on the shoulders and the fact that they are not t-shirts from Threadless.

I plan to take Hubs back to Style Station to try to find some boots. I also want to stock up on some dresses. If you are ever passing through the middle of nowhere Texas, you must stop at Style Station. But beware: as their Myspace says "If you support Bush, foster right-wing ideology, or knock on Canadians, be sure to purchase something (while you have the chance) before you open yer mouth". Art will give you an earful, but you'll leave with your bags full and your bank account still mostly full, as most things seem to be very reasonably priced. What a crazy, fun place!

[top three photos used by permission from]