Thank you, Weardrobe!

On my birthday, three years ago, I saw my face for the very first time on a network television show:screenshot: FNL 1.5

Now, exactly three years later, a similarly cool moment came this morning when I saw the header on Weardrobe, which is one of my favorite websites:

Weardrobe interviewYep. I got interviewed on Weardrobe, and if you cruise on over there, you can read life changing insights, such as this one:

My family never picked out my clothes for me. They just let me wear what I want-- so sometimes that meant I wore a grass skirt with rain boots to school or my grandpa's size XXXL suit jacket. I pretty much do the same kind of stuff now except on a more socially acceptable for an adult level.

Read the full interview here... if you dare. Thanks, Weardrobe. I'd choose you over ice cream, any day.