Like I needed an excuse to thrift?

Another really great thing about the days leading up to my birthday and Halloween was all the thifting I got to do. Here are some of the goodies I scored recently:

vintage coat
This coat is to die for. I found it at Savers and used it for my old lady outfit on my birthday. The lining is in perfect condition, and the attention to detail is amazing. The pockets are lined with gold satin and even the inside snaps are covered with cloth. There is no care tag inside, which means the jacket is pre- 1971. Other than that, I really have no idea exactly how old this coat is. Due to the short sleeves and the high arm holes, I'm guessing it's from the late 1960's.
vintage purse, belt, and track jacket
This purse was found at Texas Thrift. I thought it went well with the coat. I used it for both my old lady costume and The Birds costume. Again, the lining is perfect, and I really love that the clasp and joints on it are shiny gold. The belt was from Savers, and the track jacket (also found at Texas Thrift) is for Hubs and The Year of the Man-Makeover.
thfited chunky heeled shoes
I thought these shoes were fun. Both pairs are from Savers and both are a wee too small for me. Ha! I plan to wear them around the house in socks in hopes to stretch 'em out a bit. The black ones are Simply Vera by Vera Wang (which is her diffusion line at Khols). I thought the floppy bow and the smokey, lucite heel was different (though lucite kinda does fall into stripper category, does it? Eeek!). The green suede shoes on the right were used for my old lady costume. I'm not sure what brand they are, but they do have a wood sole and the words "TRUE LOVE" written on the bottom. True love? Indeed!

Now before you judge me, please know these things:
1. These were only $7 at Texas Thrift.
2. I have to go camping to film my horror movie next week.
3. I was told to bring warm boots for camping.
4. All of my shoes are too awesome to take camping.
Thus, the Fuggs.

Oh, but my thrifting adventure is not over, yet. Today I'm going to run to Prototype Vintage, Feathers, and Buffalo Exchange to see if I can find some new duds for tomorrow's Bleet-up and Saturday's Runway to Heaven. I hope I hit the fashion jackpot!