Thrifted Trina Turk: Buffalo, Bleet-up, etc.

Yesterday, I pulled off the impossible: I sold things to Buffalo Exchange that they had previously passed on. Sometimes it's all about presentation. This time I ironed everything, took a lint brush to all the pieces, and cut off loose threads. Instead of going in with a giant duffel bag full, I only took in one shopping bag. Success! They bought all but two of my items, netting me $83 in store trade credit. Weirdly, I had a pretty tough time spending it and only ended up getting a few items and taking a little bit of cash:

Buffalo Exchange trades
1- Trina Turk resort dress (NWT), 2- vintage puff vest for Hub and The Year of the Man Make-over, 3. Black suede Nine West wedges, 4. vintage shell belt, 5. Babooshka-like leggings (new merch).
I bought the Trina Turk dress specifically for last night's Bleet-up. I wanted to stand out by not wearing black, but I wanted something with a sleeve so I would feel okay baring my legs. It was more sheer than I thought, and I don't own a slip, so I ended up wearing it over a black, cotton sundress. Today, I am realizing that this "dress" may actually be a swimsuit cover-up. It kinda did make me feel like a Fort Lauderdale retiree, lounging poolside:
Trina Turk bleet-up dress
Trina Turk bleet-up dress

date: 5 November 2009
occasion: Bleet-up (a blogger/ public meet up)
dress: Trina Turk (thrifted)
suede wedges: Nine West (thrifted)
clutch: vintage
bracelet: Fashionique

Even though four frat bros complimented the dress, I'm not bananas about it, and it may find itself going back to Buffalo sometime in the near future. But who knows? Hubs got my sewing machine fixed for my birthday, and if I learn how to use it, I may hem this up a few inches and take it in a smidge. I'm totally willing to give this dress a second chance.

As for the Bleet-up, it was okay. Hubs was frustrated that I made him get there right at 8:30 and we didn't get in until 9:30, due to the line. Additionally, our friends in the band had let us know to RSVP on the do512 page to get in for $5, but the door man said we weren't on the list! That meant we had to pay $7, despite the fact that Hubs had the $5 email confirmation pulled up on his phone. Hubs was so frustrated that he wanted to leave, but I didn't wait in line for an hour and buy a new dress for nothing! I gave him puppy dog eyes and convinced him to stay. We were both incredibly grumpy until we started running into people we know.

Seth from Year of the Pizza chatted me up in line, but he bolted when the doors still weren't open by 9:00. I ran into Tolly (the event organizer) from Austin Eavesdropper right when we got in, but I was so water thirsty that I was maybe a little distracted (Sorry, Tolly!). I finally got to meet the little dynamo that is Michelle from Wicked Whimsy (formerly Decline Designs), and Maureen from Ingle Talk came up and introduced herself. I was able to chit-chat with Joy and Nathaniel from The Sad Accordions. I hugged my girl-crush Cory Ryan who was running the photobooth. I was formally introduced to handbag designer Ann Marie Beard by Candace of Electric Promotions, and on my way out I got my photo taken with Tiffany from Austin is Burning. I'm still not sure how I missed Ana from Math Fashionista, Hipstercrite, Dagny from Helloooooo, Colours Marie, and a ton of other bloggers. Am I just too shy? Am I unapproachable? Did I go unnoticed? Did I leave too early? Now I'm all concerned!

But here's the awesome news: My just okay night later became freaking fantastic because I was reunited with both my drivers license and Hubs' camera that I had lost on Halloween night! Kelsey, who I worked on a film with a couple years ago, found my I.D. at the Aquarium bar, and Ashley, who I know from FNL, found Hubs' camera at Annie's West! How incredible is that? Seriously. It's times like these that I think God is winking at me and saying, "Even when you screw up, I've got your back, kid."

reunited and it feels so good