Tales from set: IDCHTD- day one

Saturday was my first full day of shooting "I Didn't Come Here to Die", and I'm on set with them all this week. My character wears an unflattering, unisex uniform the entire time, so more than likely, I will not be doing a self-style post all week while I'm on set. You don't need to see four days of photos of me in a standard grey t-shirt, work boots, and khaki zip off pants, do you? (P.S. I didn't know they even still made zip off pants! Bananas!)

My director Brad is pretty awesome, though, and he let me add some "Julie-isms" to the uniform: I wear my tiger bracelet in the beginning and then later, during the camp fire scenes, I'm wearing fingerless, knitted gloves and a fur trapper hat that I got at an army surplus store. I'll post a photo of that when we film those scenes.

The gas station where we filmed all day Saturday was creepy!

Saturday was the first time that I met my co-star Niko Red Star (um, how awesome is his name?). He's a riot. He plays my buddy in the film, and we had a lot of fun together:

I think I ate over 100 Swedish Fish in on Saturday. Frankly, I'm surprised I'm not sweating red:

I would say the worst thing about my wardrobe is the glasses I have to wear. They're cute, but it turns out they're very low prescription strength reading glasses (they have several pairs, just in case something happens to 'em). But because I wear contacts, when I wear the glasses, my depth perception is thrown off a bit. I feel a little off kilter and clumsy. I'm trying to make it work with my character, though, since she does get a little clumsy with a chainsaw later, if you know what I mean. Let's just hope the glasses don't make ME a little clumsy with the chainsaw, though!

[photos pilfered from the Flickr account of William J. Meyers!]