a new skincare regimen

I have been a serious brand loyalist since middle school. For instance, I only eat Kraft Mac and Cheese, I only use Teen Spirit deodorant (yes, really), and I have worn Clinique make-up ever since I started wearing make-up. In fact, my devotion to Clinique is rather serious: I worked for Clinique in college and even kept a beauty advisor blog back in the day.

However, I am about to stray, and that makes me nervous. As bold as I can be with my fashion choices, I am never bold with my skincare routine. I like it the same day after day. However, since this summer, my skin has been far worse than usual. In fact, it was rather embarrassing filming IDCHTD with a face full of acne and acne scars. Therefore, with my paycheck, I decided it was time to get a handle on my skin. I picked up these goodies at Sephora and Ulta today:

shape up, skin!
Clarisonic Mia face brush, Zeno pimple zapper, and Smashbox cosmetics.

I hope I can get my skin under control! I feel like I have a pizza face! Have y'all tried any of these products? I'll keep you posted about how well they work. I have very high hopes!