Stop! Hammertime!

I know that breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but truth be told, I don't really care for breakfast foods. I'd rather have a sandwich or soup for breakfast than, say, an omelet or a bowl of cereal. The only time I like cereal is after 9 p.m.! And I only like childish cereal like Cap'n Crunch or Lucky Charms.

Nonetheless, my distastes for breakfast foods did not stop me from catching up with my friends over breakfast at Austin's Omelettry this morning:


date: 14 November 2009
occasion: super casual breakfast with friends
tee: Target
pants: Buffalo Exchange (new merch)
belt: vintage
sandals: thrifted
bag: LV

I ended up splitting whole wheat pancakes and an avocado and tomato omelet with Hubs. As expected, I thought it was mediocre. However, the company was fantastic, and I'm happy to be back home from filming.

Something else I feel mediocre about are these pants. I bought them because they reminded me of the Babooshka jodhpurs that I've been eying for a year now. I now realize these aren't nearly as cute or flattering as the Babooshka ones. Upon further exploration, these are essentially plain black cropped Hammer pants, and we all know now that I never quite warmed up to my other pair of Hammer pants. Oh, geez. It's official: I've become that girl. It's 2009. What kind of person needs two pairs of Hammer pants these days?

Comment of the Day: That is one big, slightly disturbing, egg behind you. And you'll laugh at this post a few months from now when you get a third pair of Hammer pants... ;) -Clare