Audition outfit: beer company print ad

I had a go-see for a beer company print ad today. The part I was up for was described as "outgoing, cute, not perfect and unattainable, but the adorable girl next door. Can dig into a hamburger and enjoy it!". I threw on the beer company's logo colors, a padded bra, and I was on my way:
Audition: beer print ad
audition: girl next door, beer print addate: 16 November 2009
project: print ad for a beer company
role: the attainable girl next door
dress: F21
textured tights: Target
boots: Anne Klein
bracelet: Tiffany's
belt: thrifted

I don't usually like doing print ads. I feel incredibly awkward at professional photo shoots. I never know what to do with my face or my hands or arms and legs, no matter how many episodes of America's Next Top Model I watch. But because this one was for a "girl next door" type and not the buxom, bombshell type, I told my agent (reluctantly) that I'd do it. I was supposed to bring a couple cute friends with me, but alas, all my in-town buddies have school or work, so I had to show up solo, like a friendless loser. That's why I was so relieved to see my blogging buddy Tolly at the audition desk when I got there. She, too, was unable to wrangle her friends for the go-see, so we were so delighted to be photographed together!

Speaking of photography, my good buddy Chris got me this to die for Polaroid for my birthday!a camera just like my grandpa's!I was so excited to receive this because I'm bananas about Polaroid photography and have been searching for this camera for a while. My Grandpa had the same exact one, and it was a permanent fixture of my childhood. I can't wait to mod out some of my 600 film and start shooting with this bad boy. Thank you, Chris, for such a thoughtful gift!

(update 17 November 2009: I forgot to say the audition went well. It was quick and they were seeing a ton of people. I still maintain I'm a little too awkward and tall for print work!).