Stop that robber!

I was surfing the internet on the living room couch in my pj's this morning, when Jimi started barking like crazy. Jimi is a small dog, but he's usually not very yippy. He only barks when he's scared or trying to alert me. I looked up and saw that there was a police man standing on my porch and two police officers were running back and forth between my house and my neighbor's! Turns out there was a robbery suspect running away from the police right on my tiny little street! I was told to stay inside and keep the doors locked and the alarm on. I was a little freaked out to say the least and got kind of a late start to my day because of all that.

Good news? He was apprehended! Hooray for the Austin police and for my neighborhood watch group (who never gets enough credit)! All's clear now, so I was finally able to go outside to do my self-style photo:

cowl turtleneck

date: 17 November 2009
occasion: my last small group (we've been studying Sex & Finance from a Biblical point of view)
sweater: thrifted
leggings: Miley Cyrus/ Max Azzaria
boots: vintage
necklace: magic trick and prop from "I Didn't Come Here to Die"

Speaking of things that don't get enough credit, underneath my sweater is the most under appreciated and the never acknowledged workhorse of my entire wardrobe:

The secret workhorse of my wardrobe
tank: Ralph Lauren intimates

This pinkish nude, ribbed tank is my closet's unsung hero. Much like the crew of a film, this is an integral part of my style but never gets any glory. Whenever I think a shirt is a smidge too thin or sheer or if I feel like my bra is looking lumpy or bulky, I throw on this tank and things are top notch. I thought today I'd let y'all in on that little secret. What are the unsung heroes of your wardrobe?

Comment of the Day: Phew, I'm glad all is okay. I would have been devastated without your outdoor outfit shot of the day:) My unsung hero is my nude tshirt bra. You think it's not there but it's lifting like it's being paid. -my edit