A 1979 afternoon

Like my infamous grey sweater, I cannot believe this blouse has not appeared in my dailies, yet! This blouse is definitely in my top three favorites (along with this one and this one), and today, I felt like wearing a lot of my favorite things, regardless if they were meant to be worn together or not.

My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things

date: 19 November 2009
occasion: lunch at Asia Cafe, shopping at American Apparel Outlet and Nordstrom Rack, dinner at Blue Dahlia Bistro.
cardigan: American Apparel
favorite jersey knit dress dress: thrifted
favorite blouse: Buffalo David Bitton
favorite tights: Target
favorite boots: Minnetonka
new favorite belt: thrifted
favorite brown sunglasses: Blue Blockers

As I was looking through my daily self-style photos, I was struck by how much I'm starting to look like my mother. This particular pose and expression on my face reminded me of the old 1970's photos of my mom that I would look through as a kid:

A 1979 afternoon

Dude, you know you're getting old when you start reminding yourself of your mother. Am I right or am I right?

Comment of the Day: I know I am getting old because last night I went to sleep at 8pm. I even sacrificed watching my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, for sleep! - God's Favorite Shoes