Review: Zeno and Clarisonic Mia

Last Friday I was over the moon about my new purchases: a Zeno zit zapper and a Clarisonic Mia face brush. Today, on day six with my new products, I thought I'd share my thoughts on 'em:

Trying my new Zeno & Clarisonic Mia

The ZENO (on clearance at Ulta for $50)
The good: This thing works. Well, sorta. It works on what I call almost pimples (the random painful ones that don't look as bad as they feel). It does not work on blackheads, whiteheads, and clusters of cystic acne. However, I had two pimples that were just below the surface of my skin just about to erupt, so I used the Zeno on 'em at night and in the morning, all traces of 'em were gone!
The bad: This thing works because it is essentially BURNING the pimples. According to The Gadgeteer the pimples are going away due to a heat shock response. Heat shock response is a reaction bacteria have to heat where they activate heat-shock proteins in a panic, which causes the acne bacteria to self-destruct. Word to the wise: don't mash the Zeno onto your face. It's really hot. Just hold it against your skin. If you have super sensitive skin, you're going to have a big red mark over night. Hubs found this out the hard way when I insisted he let me use the Zeno on a tiny thing he had on his forehead. Sorry, Hubs!
The ugly: This model of the Zeno is being phased out, and the refill tips are $35 each (for sixty treatments!). Granted, you can get them on eBay for a fraction of the price, but still! Also, this particular Zeno won't hold a charge, which means it's useless to me after two cycles (I would have to charge it every day in order to use it).
Conclusion: Once I got over the searing pain, I liked it because it worked. It was perfect for what I needed, and I'm sad that I have to take it back because it's broken. This was the last one at Ulta, and Sephora no longer carries them. Note: if you were the anonymous person who commented on wanting to unload your Zeno, please email me! You have a taker!

The CLARISONIC MIA (paid $149 for it at Sephora)
The good: I didn't notice much difference after day one, but after day two, I was hooked! My skin feels softer, and my make-up and moisturizer go A LOT further. I look forward to using this each night! It's like a one minute mini-spa treatment!
The bad: It's so gentle that it shouldn't be viewed as an exfoliator. I'm finding that I'm still having to use my good 'ole Apricot Scrub once or twice/ week. Also, at $149 the Mia is pricey! The replacement heads run $25 each, but luckily they don't need to be replaced for 120 days. Again, I think I can find them cheaper on eBay.
The ugly: The Mia only comes in white and pink (not grey, like the pro model). A week in and my white one is already looking a little dingy. Also, the Mia doesn't have a cool charging stand like the other models. Mine has to sit upright in a cup at night to dry properly.
Conclusion: I am in love, but honestly, I may take the Mia back and plop down an extra $100 for the pro model. I'm curious to see if the different speeds make a difference. If anyone has one of those they'd like to unload or sell, let me know! You may have a taker!

Zeno= broken; Clarisonic= brilliant