You shall not get me down, rain!

Despite the rain, I am on a mission to find the perfect grey suede boots today. I am determined to find them, so I can get over The Great Boot Disappointment of 2009. I'm feeling pretty chipper, though, because I'm wearing my new Le Sac dress that I got from the American Apparel outlet yesterday. After seeing it on my friend Emmy and after reading this post from The Hipstercrite, I haven't stopped thinking about it, even though it is, essentially a pillow case with string:

Rain, you can't get me down!
New dress, new umbrella

date: 20 November 2009
occasion: retail therapy!
le sac dress: american apparel
shirt: inc
thick knit thigh highs (scrunched down): american apparel
boots: costco
umbrella: costco

Is the universe about to implode? I'm about to do retail therapy to get over a shopping disappointment. I plan to cure a bad shopping experience with *gasp* even more shopping. Dang. That's messed up!

I haven't had the chance to play around with my new dress, yet, but after I do, I'm sure I'll make a video not unlike my infamous Circle Scarf how-to video.

If you're the sewing type (which I hope to become next year), you can make your own Le Sac without having to pay $30+ for it. Simple instructions HERE and HERE.