Perfect boots: FOUND!

I don't even know who I am anymore!

In college, I was probably a bonafide shopaholic. My roommates will attest that I was able to spend hundreds of dollars without batting a lash. But now that I'm married (and have someone helping me keep my out of control spending habits at bay) and now that I've been so charmed by the hunt for a good thrift store treasure, I absolutely cannot bring myself to buy new things priced over $50 without getting a small stomach ache. Isn't that weird? Case in point: these gorgeous new items that I just purchased via Vic's online are making my tummy do a Texas two-step:

Possible new purchases

I took Alya's advice and finally checked out the boot selection at Victoria's Secret. The Chinese Laundry over the knee boots are exactly what I was looking for, but at $119, I wanted to pass on them... and pass out. But then Hubs recommended that I check out, and there I found a four tiered coupon that saved me a lot of money! Since I was already planning on getting the yellow popcorn cardigan (that came with a free scarf!), that meant I could get the Colin Stuart burgundy riding boots for only $40 (plus 20% off since they were on clearance). I ended up saving close to $100. I was probably tricked into spending a lot more money than I wanted, but let us all rejoice! My hunt for the perfect fall boot has finally come to an end! Now I hope my guilty stomach ache comes to an end, too.

We talked a little bit in my small group about the guilt that comes from buying things for yourself. I imagine that this guilt is a lot less prevalent in the fashion bloggers' community, but nonetheless, I have it. Even though I already got paid for my film and I've completed all of my Christmas shopping already (yes, already!), I'm still having a hard time buying myself something so extravagant and something so NEW. Does anyone else get the tummy flutters when they're spending money?