Style Chain: floral dress and black blazer

When I saw the amazing Jen Lula from Jen Loves Kev don this look last week, I knew I had to style chain it!

inspiration: Jen Love Kev

She got her amazing dress for only $3 at the thrift store. I procured my dress, blazer, and new old man shoes yesterday from Savers. My dress was a dollar more, and I made sure to wear my awesome handmade Jen Loves Kev brooch to top off the ensemble:

Inspired by Jen Loves Kev
Inspired by Jen Loves Kev
Jen Loves Kev broochloafers

date: 21 November 2009
occasion: improv afternoon at my house, dinner party tonight
dress: thrifted (Savers)
blazer: thrifted (Savers)
tights: We Love Colors
shoes: thrifed (Savers)
brooch: Jen Loves Kev

I am totally stoked about my new tights that came today. I ordered the rubine ones in addition red and teal. I'm so excited to eschew jeans this fall for colored tights and leggings:

New tights from We Love Colors

These are my first three pairs of tights from We Love Colors. Forty eight more pairs to go!

top photos ©Jen Loves Kev