I could start a jewelry zoo

To get boys to talk to me, I collected baseball cards in elementary school. In middle school, I stopped caring what boys thought of me, and I started collecting grosgrain hair ribbons. When I was in high school, I totally geeked out and started collecting Pez dispensers.

Now that I'm older, I'm finding that I don't really have the time to collect things anymore. I have no clue where my baseball cards, hair ribbons, or Pez dispensers have disappeared to. In my adulthood, the only thing I seemed to have amassed is animal jewelry. Behold my necklace menagerie:
jewely menagerieNecklace zoo

L-R: thrifted elephant belt (usually worn as a necklace),Objects Found guppy necklace, thrifted golden elephant necklace, my grandma's silver owl necklace, flea market find: golden hen necklace, FENNOFashion Silver Hoot necklace, vintage gold owl necklace, craft booth spoon/ owl necklace.

This collection is definitely more exciting than my Pez dispenser collection. Plus, I cannot even begin to tell you the number of boys that have complimented my elephant chain belt necklace! Yes, single ladies: I do recommend wearing something kind of whimsical and out there so shy boys can have something to talk to you about. Just ask Hubs about my butterfly t-shirt! Trust me: this totally beats a baseball card collection any day!

What do you collect?