Style chain: scarf, belt, and tights

There's a million things I'm supposed to do today, but I just can't tear myself away from witnessing the beginnings of dog world's newest friendship, as I'm dog sitting this little fluff ball while B. Sterling and Jess Archer are away. World, meet Lupe:

Jimi & Lupe

Probably because my brain has been fried with seeing all the above cuteness in person, I had the toughest time picking this morning's outfit. When I have no clue what to wear, I usually style chain. Luckily Orchid Grey, Second Skin, and This Time Tomorrow already had the ball rolling on this one:

style chain: scarf, belt, and tightsturkey evescarf & beltturkey eve

date: 25 November 2009
occasion: grocery shopping, errand running
dress: Express
scarf: ModCloth (prize from I Spy Thursday)
tights: We Love Colors
shoes: Payless
belt: thifted

Eegads! How am I ever going to leave the house with this puddle of cuteness curled up on my lap?


Thanksgiving is depending on me! Must! Break! Eye contact! Go!

style chain photos ©Orchid Grey, Second Skin, and This Time Tomorrow.