Stop slouching!

"Stand up straight!"
I'm tall and hated being tall when I was a kid, so I pretty much heard this all the time. Now I'm saying it constantly to my dream boots who finally came in the mail yesterday. I keep telling these boots to stop slouching or they're going back to the store. They look so awesome when I first put them on, but if I do things like, say, walking or moving, they get all slouchy-like.

Dear Dream Boots, before I met you in person, I was enamored of you, but now that we've met, our relationship has become one of those possessing the dichotomy of love/ hate. You are driving me crazy!

love/ hate relationship with my new boots

What shall I do? At $119 they are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought for myself, and maybe they don't look so bad in slouch position. Besides, I checked UO, Vics, 6pm, ModCloth, Lulus, Nordstrom Rack, and Zappos, and I still haven't found flat, grey, above the knee boots for under $119. These may be my only option. And I do rather like the cute little buttons on the top...

Should I keep these boots?(polls)