[Updated] audition outfit: internet company commercial

In acting, I play a wide range of ages. In my last theatre production I played a high school student and in my last film I was a college aged kid. Generally, I play younger than I am, so my ego still gets a little squashed when I'm called in for the part of a mom in her 30's. I always try my hardest to look like a mature woman, so that usually just means I brush my hair and wear eyeshadow and a darker lipstick:

mom2audition outfit: internet company commercialnew burgundy boots

date: 1 December 2009
project: non-speaking commercial for an internet security commercial
role: Asian mom in her 30's
turtleneck: Express
skirt: Express
tights: Target
boots: Colin Stuart

I don't know if I got the part. Since it was a non-speaking part, it was a pretty simple audition. I had to pretend to tap away on a Blackberry while waiting for my kid to come home from school. Easy! I was the only half Asian of the bunch and probably the youngest... which means I definitely stood out! Sometimes that's a bad thing, but sometimes that's a good thing.

After my audition, I took my new Boot Disappointments to Golden Slipper Boot Repair to see if anything could be done about the slouchiness. The owner recommended that I have them taken in two inches, which would run me around $50. He did not recommend starching them or sewing chopsticks down the sides or anything like that (very creative ideas, readers!). But then he told me that if I were his daughter, he'd tell me to just send the boots back and keep my eye out for a different pair. Sigh. I'm going to try them with thick socks tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, I'll send them back and continue the Great Boot Hunt of 2009.

You know who didn't have grey, over the knee, unslouchy boots? Buffalo Exchange. I went there after I left the boot repair shop, and though I didn't find my Dream Boots, I did manage to cure my fashion blues. I found some cute stuff for Hubs in preparation for The Year of the Man Makeover:

Latest Buffalo Exchange finds
Leather oxfords and two suit vests.

And I picked up a couple goodies for myself, as well:

Latest Buffalo Exchange finds
1980's studded cardigan and an unmarked lace dress.

That dress is in the washer as we speak. I can tell that it's going to be a cornerstone in my wardrobe all year round. Watch for it tomorrow!