Guess who got misquoted in The Wall Street Journal today...

wsj misquote

Back in October, I was interviewed at length by The Wall Street Journal about my experiences as a past buyer, frequent seller, and (constant) shopper at Buffalo Exchange. I talked a lot about affordable fashion, gave tips on selling, and gave advice on purchasing vintage. Frankly, I was very excited for the peice to come out, so when it hadn't a month later, I pretty much forgot about it. Yesterday the writer called me to verify my age and occupation, but this ended up being the only quote they used from me, and gosh... out of context it's completely wrong.

I basically said, "Before I worked at Buffalo Exchange, I was scared to sell there because I associate my clothes with my personality. I thought if they don't buy my clothes, that means they didn't like my clothes, so maybe that means they don't like me!" The writer neglected to say that after working there I gained a better understanding of the buying process, so I now know that's not the case. In fact, I try to use Adored Austin to ease these fears and encourage people to sell to resale shops. The writer didn't even mention Adored Austin. Sad face!

Claire, over at Collective Selection, did a little blip about me back in August concerning all this, and she got it right. So I recommend reading that piece, instead.

Nonetheless, I still think it's cool that I got (mis)quoted by The Wall Street Journal! Maybe one day I can be on NPR. Someone get Terry Gross on the phone, stat!

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