I finally had to break down and wear jeans today. It's in the low 30's here in Texas! There were even some reports of snow flurries. I didn't see any myself, but nonetheless, I felt that cold and I had to wear pants today. My thin little tights just weren't cutting it:
Gold studs
Gold studs
thrifted, gold studded jacketdate: 4 December 2009
occasion: a getting to know you dinner with new friends
jacket: thrifted
tee: American Apparel
jeans: Tommy
oxfords: thrifted
elephant necklace: thrifted
marble pendent: Grandma

I got this jacket at Buffalo Exchange on Tuesday and even though it's from the 80's, I thought the little round studs made it very current.

Speaking of studs, you may be wondering how my DIY studded blazer is coming along. Truth? It's a lot harder than I anticipated. I was pressing the studs in with my fingernails until one of the stud flaps went under my thumbnail and punctured me:


YOUCH! Until I get an awl, this project is on hold. I can now see how one would be inclined to pay $88 for the Urban Outfitters blazer... but now that I've bled all over my project, I'm committed to finishing it!