The Adams Abode is gettin' cute for Christmas!

I finally got the Christmas tree decorated last night!

2009 tree

The only thing Hubs and I agree on concerning the Christmas tree is that it must be real. So every other year, we trade off what kind of decorating we do on the tree. This was his year, and he wanted colored lights and every colorful ornament we had (no silver and no gold). I, on the other hand, usually do a very matchy tree with all the ornaments in two or three coordinating colors, total.

Something we do agree on, however, is vintage furniture, and that makes me happy. Look at these beauties we have our eyes on on Craigslist:


The desk will be used for my new sewing room/ office, the teak table will replace our rickety dining room table in the kitchen, and that vanity will be stained dark and will go into our bedroom so I no longer have to sit on the floor and do my make-up! Our sweet neighbor Scotty has offered to drive his truck on his day off to pick up these things for us, so I hope come tomorrow they're all still available!