weekend warrior: warp speed shopping

My Saturday was so much fun. My dear friend PQ asked me to go shopping with him to help him pick out some clothes. He was awed by how fast I flip through the racks. My shopping modus operandi is simple: I flip through very quickly and only pull out thing that strike me. I don't hem and haw because if I don't love it on my first impression but I end up buying it, more than likely I'll end up hating it at home later.

We were able to pick out a snazzy hoodie and sweater at Banana Republic (his favorite store) and a brand new Volcom sports coat at Buffalo Exchange that he was a teensy bit hesitant about.

PQ's picks

This was my first "tandem shopping" experience, and I now consider it to be a huge success! He ended up going to two parties on Saturday night, and yesterday he came over to tell me that his new Volcom sports coat was a hit. He even said some dude was like, "I'm going to steal that coat from you!" Haha!

Also, I have a little bit of news on The Great Boot Hunt of 2009. When PQ and I went to Buffalo Exchange, I spied these Chinese Laundry boots marked for only $20:

meh boots
Chinese Laundry Turbo Boot

Please note: I'm calling these my "meh" boots. They fit all the requirements: they're real suede, over the knee, flat, and grey, but because they're made my the same company as my Boot Disappointments, they're still way too big in the calf and ankle. These, however, stay up on their own, so for the time being they'll do. I'm still waiting for my Dream Boots, but now I'm a little okay with sending my Boot Disappointments back to Victoria's Secret and taking the $45 loss and having to lose the $20 I paid for shipping.

In related news, I got this sweet necklace and t-shirt while at Buffalo Exchange on Saturday, too:

BX: mickey and necklace

My third grade teacher wore crazy wooden necklaces like this, and y'all know I'm a sucker for animal necklaces and nostalgia. This t-shirt is something I've been actively hunting down for two months. I did the Disney College Program way back in 2002, so I have a soft spot in my heart for Mickey Mouse. Also, I may have had this shirt when I was a kid. I've been seeing similar ones on Lookbook and getting way jealous, so I had to have one again to keep up with all the cool kids.