Non-fashion emergency!

We interrupt this fashion blog with a very important announcement brought to you by the United States military and the dapper men of the United States Navy.

Meet Glen. This young man who is graciously and selflessly serving our great nation needs our help in the winter of his discontent. You see, young Glen here was a bug owner until three days ago.

bug :0(
The back looks worse. :0(

Glen and I share a long and rich history together. He consoled me the first time I bought my first pair of premium denim and accidentally ripped them. He was my friend when fashion was my foe. For this reason and many more, he sits in a very special place in my heart. This is why I am reaching out to you, dear readers, to ask you to help.

Oh, and he sure does dress nice:

glen :0)
Look at that full Windsor knot!

Glen is currently active duty in the Navy and was driving across the country from South Carolina to Washington state this week, when he got into a wreck two hours from Austin. His body is okay, but his heart is crushed... much like his beloved bug, which is totaled. The bug was being towed, and it's a complete loss, and the truck he was driving will not be ready until December 31st! He is supposed to report for duty the first week of January, and like most people, he'd really like to see his family for Christmas (in California) before he's... ya know... stuck on a nuclear sub UNDER THE SEA for months and months and years and years. He is definitely not staying here until the truck gets fixed.

In an ideal world, someone would be relocating to Seattle soon and needs a pickup truck. We've racked our brains trying to come up with a solution, and we've come up with nothing awesome so far. I'm wondering if any of you have any solutions. Has anyone else ever wrecked while moving across country? Anyone feel like driving Glen's truck out to him in January? It'd be awesome if someone is moving from Texas to the Pacific Northwest and they need to move about a pick-up load worth of stuff. Comment or email if you have ideas for us, and please pass this on to whoever you think may be able to help!

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