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The butterfly effect (minus Ashton Kutcher)

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Despite all the crap that has happened to my Navy Best Friend Forever Glen, he's still pretty funny... even if he doesn't quite get my sense of fashion.

Glen: So are you wearing tights AND socks AND legwarmers?
Me: Yes I am!
Glen: Are you trying out for Flashdance 2?
black belt by adored.austin, on Flickr"> black belt" />
black belt by adored.austin, on Flickr"> black belt" />
i beat up mariah carey for this beltdate: 10 December 2009
occasion: problem solving with Glen
sweater: thrifted Kimchi & Blue (Buffalo Exchange)
dress: American Apparel flea market (SXSW)
tank: American Apparel flea market (SXSW)
tights: We Love Colors
legwarmers: Target
boots: thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)
belt: City Wide Garage Sale

This belt looks like something found in Mariah Carey's Goodwill pile. Best dollar I ever spent.

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