I'm sorry that I took over the recent page on Weardrobe recently!

I basically hijacked Weardrobe.com today. I finally uploaded my last ten outfits:

I hijaked Weardrobe.com

Someone sent me an email asking me if I repeat outfits. The answer? Yes! Gosh, yes. This year I'm practically living in my black double breasted American Apparel cardigan:

I am living in this cardigan

Weardrobe allows any given user to see how any other user has remixed their wardrobe. If the user has tagged her items, simply click the item you want to see remixed, and it will pull up all the other photos she's tagged with the same item. My only wish? That it would show an item count beside each item in my wardrobe, so at one quick glance I can see what needs to be given a rest and what needs to come out to play more often.

I was considering wearing this sweater to dinner tonight, but it's clear that it needs a night off! If you have a Weardrobe account, let's stalk each other over there, okay? Add me if you wanna.

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