I hate off days

My friend Glen left bright and early this morning, and I had to rush off to an orthodontist appointment followed by a what turned out to be a full day of Christmas shopping. I had less than 10 minutes to get out the door. I was not feeling it at all. I literally grabbed the first two things in my closet and the boots that were still by the front door. World, here is one of my "off days":

off day

date: 14 December 2009
occasion: orthodontist appointment, shopping
sweater: Wet Seal
jeans: Paris Blues
boots: (thrifted) Chinese Laundry (Buffalo Exchange)
bracelet: Fashionique

Whenever I'm in an outfit I'm a little bored by, I throw on a whimsical piece of animal jewelry. This zebra bracelet that my neighbor Abby got me for my birthday is my current favorite:

still my favorite

Confession: Off days are hard for me. It's so tempting to wear Uggs and sweats, but truthfully, having this blog has caused me to be a little more deliberate, even on my lazy days. Because this town is so close knit, I have had the wonderful surprise of meeting Adored Austin readers almost every time I go out! Last Sunday I met Tran, who was working the Wild Gems booth at the Hope Farmers Market. She found my blog through a Lulus' tweet a few months ago! (Hi, Tran!). Luckily, I wasn't dressed like a slob, however, that was not the case the day before Thanksgiving. True story: Hubs and I were prepping food for our Thanksgiving meal when we decided to do a quick grocery store run. I was wearing a stinky dress with food ALL OVER IT and not a stitch of make-up. My hair was greasy and I was wearing some weird leggings that I had just thrown on to keep warm. I was dancing in the aisles, acting like an idiot, when an adorable chickadee calls out, "Excuse me? Are you Indiana? I read your blog!"

I took one look at what I was wearing, and I started blabbering, "Oh my gosh, thank you for reading my site, I'm so sorry I'm dressed like this, I'm so embarrassed, I was cooking, Oh! This is HUBS! And I can't believe you recognized me, I don't usually look this terrible in real life, and I was in the middle of cooking, and ARE YOU MAKING A PIE?"

Hubs later informed me that he found the whole exchange very amusing. I suppose he likes seeing me squirm under pressure. Moral of the story? If you're not at all self-conscious, wear what you'd like in public, but if you're a socially awkward person who gets verbal diarrhea when flustered, take the time to make yourself a teensy bit presentable, mmmkay?