I may have just met my new favorite shirt!

The only awesome thing about Austin Diner is the fact that it's only one block away from one of my most favorite places in all of Austin:

One of my favorite haunts in Austin
this is the Savers on Burnet in north Austin.

I didn't hit the maga jackpot today, but I did score a couple of little goodies:

Today's Savers treasures
Basic jersey knit dress $5, 1980's pleated peach blouse $4.

That dress was marked as a size 13/14. What the what? Maybe the tagger meant to put a size 3/4? As for the shirt on the right? Oh, squeeeee! It is a piece that Dynasty era Joan Collins would probably strangle me for. Am I right or am I right? I'm going to try to winterize it tomorrow with dark jeans and a fur coat.