Christmas Eve Eve

I absolutely do not recommend going to the mall on the eve before Christmas eve. Unfortunately Hubs and I had some last minute gifts to attend to, and we had to sacrifice a tiny piece of our sanity and soul for a Christmas Eve Eve mall excursion. While Hubs was taking my self-style photo, I realized that the combination of the purple gloves and the green coat made me feel a little like The Joker:

Christmas Eve eve shopping
Christmas Eve eve shopping

date: 23 December 2009
occasion: Christmas shopping in Atlanta
coat: J.Lo
tee: American Apparel
skirt: American Apparel
belt: Buffalo Exchange (new merch)
gloves: Target
tights: Target
bag: (no tag) Marshalls
boots: thrifted Chinese Laundry

Yep. I'm not going to pair up green and purple again. I feel ridiculous.

You know what isn't ridiculous? Friendships that spring from Adored Austin! I first met Giselle in line for The All Austin All Handmade Bash and took her photo for a street style feature here on Adored Austin. Since then we've become good friends. You can't see it in today's photos, but I'm sporting a charcoal American Apparel cardigan embellished with a vintage pewter birdie pin that Giselle just gave me for Christmas:

The Goode Shoppe: birdie

Giselle has a wonderful eye for vintage and even has her own Etsy shop (look for it again after the holidays). Hubs and I are huge fans of both hers and her husband Kevin, who is an artist over at Forward Collective. Watch for Kevin's famed laser wolf t-shirt next month as part of the Year of the Man-Makeover.