Stellar Seller: Charming Charlie

Yesterday I was on the prowl. My cousin Shelley (who I grew up with and is truly is more like a sister to me) has an affinity for owls because our grandma has collected owls since the 1960's. Shelley has the unfortunate problem of having a birthday the day after Christmas. I try not to snub her birthday by combining her Christmas and birthday present into one, so I was determined to find her a silver owl necklace that was unlike any non-vintage owl necklace I had seen before. On a whim, I ducked into Charming Charlie, an accessories store I had never heard of. It was absolutely filled with trendy, super affordable jewelry, bags, and shoes:

I don't usually spotlight national chain stores as "Stellar Sellers", but I had to give a shout-out to this one because it's based in Texas and according to their website they're about to open a Charming Charlie at the Domain in Austin. Woot! Imagine all the fun jewelry you see at Forever 21. Now quadruple the choices and BAM! That's Charming Charlie. They did, indeed, have Shelley's necklace:
owl for Shelley

This owl's eyes are sufficiently creepy, no?

But the crème de la crème of my north Atlanta Charming Charlie's experience was finally finding an affordable ENAMEL SNAKE BRACELET!

Snake bracelet! (Now my life is complete)My inner Claudia Kishi is delighted. All I need is some fruit earrings and a vast array of Doc Martens, and I'm ready to channel Claudia and start up some sort of Babysitters Club tribute band.

[top photo © and courtesy of Charming Charlie]