Goodbye, Atlanta

Hubs and I head back to Texas tonight, but you know I couldn't go on vacation without partaking in a little local thrift store excursion! I stopped by a place that Hubs had been to as a child: a 10,000 square foot thrift store called "My Favorite Place" located just outside of Atlanta in Chamblee. I didn't find any awesome clothes or jewelry, but I did manage to get a couple things for my house and a vintage messenger bag.

glass insulator and vintage messenger bag
Antique glass insulator ($4.50) & vintage leather messenger bag ($4.50)
My second birdcage
This is now my second bird cage. This one is going to be turned into jewelry display ($10).

This may be one of the only times I've done an exact repeat of an outfit, but this is fast becoming my favorite dress. The button up underneath is a great way to winterize it:
Goodbye, Atlanta
Goodbye, Atlanta
the secret to my warmthdate: 26 December 2009
occasion: breakfast with friends, shopping, dinner with family, then hitting the road
dress: thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)
shirt: Express
stirrup pants: Miley Cyrus/ Max Azzaria (Go ahead. Laugh. I deserve it!)
leggings under pants: Under Armour
ballet flats: Payless
bag: thrifted (My Favorite Place: Atlanta)

On very, very cold days, I layer a pair of Under Armour pants under my tights or cotton leggings. So far this winter, I've been able to successfully avoid wearing jeans all the time by doing this. Hooray! I feel weird in jeans.

By the way, I am surprised that I've gotten so much wear out of my Miley Cyrus stirrup pants. I bought them as a funny little $5 joke, but they've actually become a serious contender for my most worn pants of 2009. Oops. Nevermind. I keep forgetting that leggings ≠ pants.