The Worst of 2009

Worst of 2009

Since it's the end of the year, a lot of us style bloggers are showing our favorite ensembles from 2009. I already did that, but honestly? It felt incomplete. Why? Well because for every 20 or so outfits that I love, I don something I end up not loving at all. Below are some of my least favorite outfits from this year:

2009 dislikes
Jellyfish tee & jeans, weird jumper thing, Hubs' wrinkled shirt.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the above outfits, but they are a little paugh. What is "paugh" you ask? Well I just learned this term from the unflappable Leon Fowler the third of Thomaston, Georgia fame.
paugh- adjective.
pronunciation: \ˈpɒ\ or \paw\. usually pronounced as a long, drawn out sigh.
definition: oppressively ordinary, causing physical exhaustion in the beholder.

For 2010, I vow to be less paugh or to only do paugh ironically, okay?

The following outfit isn't really paugh, per se, but it is ridiculous. C'mon, people! I'm wearing a denim vest OVER A LEATHER COAT and STIRRUP PANTS and you let me go out like that! I thought we were friends!

runner up: worst outfit of 2009
I was trying to do a DIY version of the new Alexander Wang coats that I can't afford, okay?!

This outfit, however, has absolutely no excuse or plausible explanation:

WTFWIT?! (meaning: What The F Was I Thinking)

Seriously. Just put some clown make-up on me and give me some balloon animals, and I'm ready to go. And by "go" I mean be paid $8 an hour to work as a clown at a kindergarten graduation. To prevent this from happening again in 2010, I'm going to print this photo out and tack it to my mirror as a reminder to ask myself "would a clown wear this?" If the answer is yes, I'll change immediately.