Savers is making me spend!

When I picked up my car from the garage yesterday I realized that I was already halfway to Savers! Since The Year of the Man Makeover starts Monday, I wanted to grab a few more things for Hubs.

savers: four shirts for hubs
L-R: American Eagle ($5.99), Fink Clothing ($5.99) Banana Republic ($9.99), Banana Republic ($7.99)

I'm still on the hunt for a couple of blazers, a new winter coat, some cute jeans, a pair of dress pants, and a couple pairs of boots for him, but I think so far, we have a good start. I'm excited to be featuring some dude fashion!

Nonetheless, lady fashion will still remain my main focus. I did manage to snag a couple items for myself yesterday. Of course!

savers: lace shirt and ankle boots
High necked, long sleeved lace shirt Wet Seal ($1.49), black early 90's Liz Claiborne ankle boots ($7.99)
I am doing this new thing where I make a master wish list for my clothing since lately I've been buying a lot of basics and cheap filler. Animal jewelry aside, if it's not on the list, I don't buy it. I passed up three really great basic frocks yesterday, but I'm pleased that I spent less than $10 on myself! A long sleeved lace shirt has been on my list for a while since Jane seems to use hers as a cornerstone piece in her wardrobe. Black ankle booties were on my list since I've been planning some kind of DIY with them in January.

Despite my thriftiness, here's what Hubs said last night that made me laugh for five minutes straight:

Wisdom from Hubs

What can I say? The man speaks the TRUTH.