Adored Austin recently seen on...

What a great start to the New Year. Delightfully Tacky, one of my most favorite, favorite fashion blogs in the entire world named me as one of her top five favorite fashion bloggers of 2009. Thank you so much! Truly, it's so flattering to be featured by a blog that I admire so much. Delightfully Tacky honoree this year, Vogue honoree next! Right? [Go HERE to see who else made the list].

Also, I found out my DIY studded blazer was featured on on Thursday along with a brief but typically goofy interview with me about the blazer:

My DIY blazer on
Pssst! You can read the little blurb HERE.

This is the second time Glamour has featured one of my DIY's. This strikes me as particularly funny since I don't really consider myself to be crafty or very DIY-y at all! I do hope to change that in 2010, though. One of my goals is to learn to sew and to buy less and create more. I already have a little project planned for the thrifted booties I got at Savers this week.