blog roll


Look! I've moved my blog roll to its own unique (post dated) post and made a special spot for it called "LINKS" on the very right side of my navigation bar. My link exchange is no longer an unmanageable mile long list in my lower left sidebar! Hooray!

Once you check out the new and improved blog roll, you will notice some changes. Read these guidelines below and then email me if you'd like to be listed.
1. All links are listed geographically.
I organized my blog roll by location so you can connect with others in your area and share shopping resources.
2. I've only included blog links that are currently active.
I'm loosely defining "currently active" as a blog that does at least three relevant posts per week (though my favorite blogs all do at least five posts per week!). I update often, and I love reading blogs that also update often, so I'm hoping you like blogs that update often, too.
3. In the fashion bloggers section, I've only listed blogs that have a strong focus on personal style or street style.
I love celebrity styles and photos from fashion magazines and snaps from retailers' websites as much as any other girl, but unless you've also included some stuff about you or street style, I didn't link you. I read Perez every morning to get my celeb fix and my Anthropologie catalogs come in the mail each month to give me unlimited ooh-and-ahh time. Original content= the best content, and photographs are a must!
4. All blogs are established.
Anyone can start a blog. The true test is sticking with it, so I only list blogs that have been consistently posting for at least three months. I want to see that you can still be creative when the task of doing (almost) daily photos gets a little mundane and when you start repeating whole outfits.
5. The blogs I link do not have music or videos that play automatically.

This is just a personal pet peeve, but it annoys me so much that it's a requirement. For you see, I listen to music when I'm online, and I get so confused when I've opened up a load of tabs and someone else's music plays. Also, a lot of my readers read blogs while at work, so it's really just best if your music or video player requires someone to start it instead of starting automatically.

6. My fashion/ style blog roll is a link exchange.
Thank you so much for linking me! I sincerely appreciate it!

If you would like to be included in my new link exchange and/ or you feel that I accidentally left you off, please, please, please contact me via email. I would absolutely love to include you!

Please note: in the lower left sidebar, I have a short, rotating section of blog links. These change constantly, so please bookmark your favorites, as these don't always stay the same.