It's day two, and he hates this outfit even more than yesterday's.

Hubs' style photos get done waaaay earlier than mine because he leaves for work so early in the morning. (read: I'm still in my pajamas). This vest is my favorite thing that I've purchased for Hubs. He hates it.

I hate this vest.
vest: Buffalo Exchange, shirt: Christmas gift, jeans: Levis, shoes: Simple, bag: Ross

I'll begrudgingly admit that the vest is a little short for him (he's tall!), so this vest may be going back to the great clothing orphanage known as Buffalo Exchange. He's being such a good sport by wearing it anyway! Oh, and just so you know, Hubs is new at this, okay, so don't judge him on his (lack of) man posing. We were on the porch this morning, and I'm all like, "POSE! DON'T JUST STAND THERE, MAN!" And he started jumping. Yes, jumping. The results were hilarious but disastrous in the realm of self-style photos:
She said pose.
He's never going to be front paged on Weardrobe at this rate.

By the way, we still haven't decided if all of Hubs' dailies will appear here on Adored Austin, too. His Tumblr cracked the top 100 last night (I know, right), but originally we had planned to post 'em here, too. Thoughts?

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