Rodarte? How 'bout NOdarte?

I fear that I'm turning into a habitual returner. I returned my Boot Disappointments, I returned this insanely long scarf, and I'm returning this amazing Rodarte for Target dress that I got last night.

Rodarte + blazer + sun spots

The dress is stunning. I tweeted last night that my Target just got all of the Rodarte dresses in my size, and I was overjoyed to try them all on. However, I was quickly disappointed to find that none of the dresses fit me well. Curses! It's clear these were made for women who are not quite as tall as I am (I'm 5'8''), and the only one that wasn't obscenely short on me was the famed Swiss Dots dress. So, I bought it! With a blazer, it's perfectly lovely and the material is darling:
Rodarte Swiss Dot Dress + blazerRodarte for Target Swiss Dot detaildate: 5 January 2010
occasion: post office and Hobby Lobby errands
dress: Rodarte for Target
blazer: estate sale
belt: Buffalo Exchange (new merch)
cable knit tights: Target
loafers: thrifted (Savers)

However, without the belt, you can see that the seam is too high, and without the blazer it you can see that the top gapes:


Close, Rodarte. Close, but no cigar. Back to Target you go!