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Yesterday's Buffalo Exchangee finds

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Before our (almost) daily game of Scrabble, Heidi and I did a little jaunt down to Buffalo Exchange to sell some clothes. I hocked all of Hubs' ironic belt buckles and his puffy vest, then used the $38 trade to pick up a cream H&M cardigan and some new American Apparel basic t-shirts for him. Boring.

Not boring= what I got for myself!
Buffalo Exchange buys

blue/ silver iridescent Doc Martens ($29), tap shoes ($11), frog belt ($12).

Doc Martens are on my master list of things I want to buy for myself this year, but the tap shoes were not. But, as you may know, I am most moved by nostalgia, and I had to have these because I took tap lessons up through high school. I sold my own tap shoes on eBay a few years ago and have regretted it since. I tried these on in the store, did a little tappa tappa, and my heart was hooked! Hooked, I tell 'ya!

The belt pushed me a little out of my projected spending range, but it reminded me so much of a Mimi di N piece that I had to have him. I love the attention to detail on him, especially all his little warts!

Golden bumpy frog

He's no Christopher Ross but he's still the prince charming of my belt collection!

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