I'm blogging that!

Every girl needs a good shoe repair shop and a reliable, affordable tailor. I think I found both of these this weekend:

The Golden Slipper fixed my favorite thrifted shoes with new heel caps and seam rebinding and also reattached two broken straps from a bag for just under $22.00. Marfiel's Alternations mended torn straps on a sundress and tank for $3.00 each, replaced a zipper in a pair of jeans for $10, and hemmed two of Hubs' new shirts for $4.00 each.
Friday and Saturday were the busiest, most productive days I've had this year, but Sunday was a little more relaxed. I went to church and finalized plans for a Scrabble game with Robie and Jenn tonight:

date: 10 January 2010
occasion: church, Scrabble game, and birthday party
dress: thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)
sweater: courtesy of a gift card from Angela's Runway via winning a Weardrobe contest
tights: Target
shoes: Payless
bag: Vic's
coat: J.Lo

Robie is my pastor's wife, and I hear she's pretty good at Scrabble. I've lost all but two of my games this year, so I'm super nervous. I was talking to Heidi about it during yesterday's game, and she was like, "What? The pastor's wife is going down!" I started cracking up, and was like, "I'm blogging that!"

I think it's so awesome that my blog has become something that is accepted as a part of who I am and what I do. In my social circle, it's pretty much expected that if something funny happens or if someone says something funny, one of us will be like, "ADD IT TO THE BLOG!" How 'bout you guys that have your own sites? Are your friends and family excited about it? Do you find yourself thinking, "I'm blogging that!" daily?