Adored Austin's newest sponsor: Clyde's Rebirth

I first saw Clyde's Rebirth featured in a giveaway on Delightfully-Tacky and was so impressed by the designs that I literally started fawning over the necklaces like some women fawn over pink-cheeked babies. Y'all know I have a serious weakness for anything vintage or anything with an animal on it. Merl, the owner and designer, makes (neƩ rebirths) vintage jewelry into gorgeous, one of a kind, over the top, new pieces of statement making jewelry... and many of them feature a critter of some sort! Squeeee! People, these are the kind of things my friggin' granddaughter will beg me for! To which I will say, "Wait 'till I'm dead, kiddo! Wait until I am dead." Yes, you know I'm going to be a hip grandma that still rocks her animal jewelry.

Like this one! I'm excited that this fancy peacock will soon find a home here in Austin:

peacock necklace

And look how lonely this little fox and leopard look without an owner. Won't you adopt these fabulous creatures?

clydes rebirth

I am ecstatic to be partnering with Clyde's Rebirth. I'm excited about Merl's work, and I hope you are, too. She recently took a huge leap of faith and quit her day job to realize her dream to design and sell her jewelry full-time. I applaud her and just know she has a long and successful career in front of her!

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