Sometimes I suffer for fashion... and Scrabble

I lost my Scrabble game last night! Bummer! It was pretty close, though, so I've already thrown down the gauntlet for a one on one rematch against Robie. She is a riot, and she sews amazing, custom dresses in her Etsy shop, Parsimony. Since I've got to figure out how to make my own curtains and skirts this year, I'm attempting to arrange a sewing lesson barter with her.

Our game went on until 11:30 p.m. I came home and wrote for a while, which means I got to bed crazy late. I was looking at this morning's dailies and I'm like, "What the bananas is wrong with my face?!" Oh, yeah. That's what lack of sleep looks like!

New docs
red tights + docs
unfortch, these are too small

date: 12 January 2010
occasion: small group, quick dinner out
dress: thrifted Gap (Savers)
tank: American Apparel
cardigan: American Apparel
tights: Express
belt: thrifted (Savers)
shoes: thrifted Doctor Martens (Buffalo Exchange)

I love these Doc Martens, but they are way, way too small for me, though. This makes me super sad. I took them to The Golden Slipper to see if he could make them a little bigger, and unfortunately there's nothing that can be done. It's okay, though. For now I'll suffer for fashion. In the future, though, I think these babies are going on eBay.