Like, y'all can, like, TOTALLY take me seriously now.

Freakin' sweet! I got nominated for the Texas Social Media Awards. This is, like, a real deal awards thing complete with a fancy dinner that I'll get to go to if I'm in the top 25. Does this mean I'm a legit internet weblog now? I sure hope so!

texas social media award nominee
I'm excited! If you have a moment, I'd love it if you could scoot on over to my nominee page on The Austin American Statesmen website and leave a sweet little comment about little 'ole Adored Austin or Flash Mob Austin. Apparently "judges will take comments into consideration". I don't really know what that means, so say whatever you'd like. I think the funnier the better!

Blah. I feel pathetic to the max asking for your comments, but some nice people nominated me, so I'd like to do 'em (and you!) proud. If I get asked to go to the dinner, I promise to wear something over the top and maybe even let y'all pick out my dress (possibly from!). I'll even do a video blog about how awkward I feel. Deal?

comment here: Indiana FTW