I'd buy any skirt that had a popcorn pouch.

I got to meet Hubs for lunch at Thai Spice today and afterward I met up with renowned Austin photographer Eric Doggett to discuss a shoot. The weather is warming up, so I busted out a skirt that I haven't worn since August. This skirt is a little weird. It has a kangaroo pouch in the front! No wonder it was on the 50% off rack at Buffalo Exchange!

skirt + leather coat
water color skirt
skirt detail
giant bun

date: 13 January 2010
occasion: lunch and meeting
skirt: thrifted Target Go International (Buffalo Exchange)
shirt: INC
jacket: Goodwill in Seymour, Indiana
tights: American Apparel
shoes: Shoe Carnival (what what!)

I spent the rest of the day snacking on some DILL PICKLE POPCORN that I picked up at Cornucopia on the Drag.


I know it sounds disgusting, but it's the yummiest thing EVER. I want to fill my kangaroo pouch with it and eat it non-stop. Good thing I didn't make a new year's resolution to eat healthier!

Comment of the Day: Dude, if I had that skirt I would carry my little hamster Bella around in the pouch like a little joey =) hahahaha, that's so weird of me! -Healthy and Homemade