Nothing is as it seems

Look, ma! No tights! I'm just kidding. My mom doesn't read this site!
Tuck the dress
Tuck the dress
clydes rebirthdate: 18 January 2010
occasion: Hope for Haiti benefit concert
dress (as skirt): thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)
leotard (as shirt): Danskin, estate sale
belt: thrifted (Savers)
boots: Steve Madden
bag: vintage (Buffalo Exchange)
sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange new merch
peacock necklace: courtesy of Clyde's Rebirth

I'm getting ready to run because I'm meeting up with some friends before the show, but I did want to tell you that for the next couple of weeks Clyde's Rebirth (my newest sponsor) is donating 20% of her sales to Doctors without Borders, an amazing organization that has stepped up in a powerful way to give medical aid to those in need in Haiti.

And to answer your question, yes, that is this dress folded down skirt style! That's how I roll. Like literally. I rolled it down and belted it! High five!

Clyde's Rebirth is an Adored Austin sponsor.