The Wonder Love

Both of my cameras are still out of commission. Best Buy and Craigslist were of no help when it came to finding a new charger for my DSLR battery, so Amazon it is. I am hopeful that my new charger will be here by Friday. In the meantime, my super sweet friend Dearing loaned me her point and shoot, but alas, it has to charge today. But I feel bad with no new content on a Monday, so this morning I had the genius idea to turn my Macbook on its side and take photos using the Photobooth thingy. So, ta-da! Here's a sneak peak at what I wore today... which is incidentally what I also wore briefly on Saturday to my friends' birthday party and briefly yesterday to church. Yep. I'm keepin' it real up in here. I'm admitting it: I wore this dress three days in a row! Surely y'all do this kind of thing occasionally, too?

photobooth :0(

date: 25 January 2010 (and 24th and 23rd!)
occasion: birthday party (Saturday), church (Sunday) and post office run today
dress: thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)
sweater: Wet Seal
tights: Target
boots: vintage Hunt Club (Style Station)
necklace: City Wide Garage Sale

Two things:
First: The most incredible thing happened on Saturday: I was at my friends' joint birthday party, and I met Jamie, who courageously came up to me and asked me if I had a blog! And get this: Jamie isn't even from Austin nor is she a fashion blogger! HOLY COW. People from outside Austin who aren't entrentched in the fashion blogger community come here?! This. Is. Amazing! And terribly flattering and humbling!

I do want to say this, though: Every time I've met a reader in the wild, they always say they feel like a stalker or a creep coming up to me to say hi. I'd like to put these feelings of ill at ease. I LOVE meeting people who have happed upon Adored Austin, I love the comments, I love the emails, I love the cell phone pics, all of it. I hope anyone who contacts me either in person or via email never feels like a stalker, unless of course, you find yourself on my front porch in your pajamas at four in the morning or driving by my house a dozen times a day. Then you might be a stalker, and you should definitely talk about that to your therapist. coming soon

Secondly: I am not pregnant. This may be a little too much information for you, but we're all girls here, right? With that said, I am very late in my cycle, so yesterday I took a home preggo test, but it came out negative. I'm not disappointed, though. Yes, Hubs and I are hoping to start a family this year, but I know that it may take a while (I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which can sometimes complicate conception if my thyroid levels aren't spot on). To keep Adored Austin solely focused on fashion, shopping, DIY's, and Ausitn happenings, Hubs and I are getting ready to launch a really, really personal blog that details our faith, marriage, and our preparation for parenthood. It will still be funny (because I don't think either of us are capable of being 100% serious 100% of the time), but since it will have very little to do with what we wear, we thought it best to put it elsewhere. I'll let you know when it's up and running. Tentatively, it will be at ha. Like the Adamses need another blog! No fear though, Adored Austin is my priority and my main squeeze. This baby won't get abandoned, ever.

Comment of the Day: You definitely just killed my dreams of hunting you down in my pjs though... Now what will I do on my vacation?? -Ana