Tap it out

Okay, so you all know that I'm a huge fan of Claudia and The Babysitters Club, but did you know that I also appreciate Stephanie from The Sleepover Friends? Does anyone remember those books at all? Stephanie was the one who was fashion forward, but she always and only wore red, white, and black. If memory serves me right, she even had a black and white cat with a red collar.
red, white, and black

date: 28 January 2010
occasion: dentist :0(
tunic (tucked in): Marshalls
skirt: Tommy Jeans
tights: Target
belt: Nautica (borrowed from Hubs)
bracelet: Fashionique
tap shoes: thrifted Capezio

Yes, I'm wearing tap shoes to the dentist office. I HATE the dentist, but these shoes make me happy, so I'm wearing 'em. Quick poll, though. I'm curious: do you think I can dance?

I own tap shoes, but can I tap dance? Guess:(poll)

UPDATE: This video reveals the answer.

Comment of the Day: oh. my. god. you just gave me the answer to something i've been pondering for YEARS! i remembered in 3rd grade only letting my mom get my new school clothes in red, black, and white because of a character in a book i'd read. now i know. thanks, indiana, for solving a mystery of childhood. -Lauren