a mondo thrifting weekend!

The weekend started off innocently enough. Friday night Hubs and I had a double date with our friends Todd and Jamie. After eating my favorite Thai food in town, I sprinted across the parking lot to what is now my favorite Goodwill in Austin (it's really clean and really big and I'm going back later this week!). They were closing in 15 minutes, so I divided my precious, fleeting time between the dresses and shoes and ran to the checkout with these darling things:

old sandals- $7, Merona dress- $8
running tally: 2

Saturday morning my neighbor was having a yard sale, and I just had to stop. I'm glad I did because I got these lovelies:

Solid wood headboard- $5, 1980's Dooney & Bourke- $5
running tally: 4

Then I got a tip that Blue Velvet Vintage was having a massive sale. All the clothing was 50% off!!! (Yes, three exclamation points!!!) As I had been there twice the previous week, I knew I had to get back over there to grab the pieces I had had my eye on:

50% off sale at blue velvet
leather vest- $9, lace blouse- $5, dashiki- $10, h&m dress- $8
running tally: 8

And here's where it gets totally out of hand: that night, at 6:00 sharp I descended upon the Beauty Bar for the Rock 'n' Swap. Hubs and I each brought ten items which meant we could each take home ten items. I hit the accessories first:

swap accessories
Old Navy pumps (love!), brown studded belt, brown Abercrombie belt (too big), black Glamouri-esque belt (broken!).
running tally: 12

Then I headed inside to the clohing racks. Right off the bat I was able to grab two dresses that I loved. The rest of the items... well... let's just say that after 6:30, things changed, and I just needed to grab things to get out of there ASAP (more on the swap later):

swap clothing (Indi)
Liz Claiborne flag skirt (stained), white eyelet skirt (cute!), blue printed skirt (not really my style), Calvin Klein skirt (size 16), vintage tuxedo inspired blouse (a little boxy), Eddie Baurer turtleneck (this was my friend Dearing's, and we drove there together!), Charlotte Russe tunic (snagged), Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress (size 13 but I LOVE IT ANYWAY), 70's disco dress (near perfection!).
running tally: 21

Hubs had horrible luck, and I think he ended up having a miserable time. I felt bad for even making him go. Poor guy. The men's table was a sad, sad spot for tall, lanky dudes. I grabbed these items because they were some of the few options that weren't those free participation type t-shirts circa 2006 or size XL:

Hubs swap
dress pants (too short), blue dress shirt (boxy), white vintage dress shirt (he has an identical one, already!), striped shirt (may be too "bro" style for him), Paul Frank Hoodie (that belonged to our friend Kevin. It's adorable, but I'm sorta anti-hoodie for The Year of the Man Makeover... so... we'll see...).
running tally: 26

One really cool thing was the pop-up shop for Laced with Romance Vintage. They had a dollar bin, so I begged a fiver off my friend and got a few things from them, too:

$1 bin: Laced with Romance
1980's leotard (for under this dress), sweater skirt (cut, unfinished hem), leotard (way too small).
final count: 29

I'm still synthesizing some of my thoughts about the Rock 'n' Swap, and I plan to do a post on my experience later (including the physical altercation that I almost got involved in-- oh trust me, it was hilarious!), but I do want to say that I so appreciate the hours and hours of hard work that Tolly and Sarah did to organize it. That was my first clothing swap, and I had a really fun time. Additionally, I was able to meet at least a dozen of my readers, and that alone made the night worth it. Plus that Jovovich-Hawk dress is pretty much the dress of my hippie, bohemian dreams!