style vacuum

I put on this outfit:


And laughed out loud as I walked past my vacuum cleaner and saw that we matched each other perfectly:


date: 2 March February 2010 (Happy birthday, Aunt Wanda! I owe you a present!)
occasion: weekly City Group meeting
dress: thrifted F21 (Savers)
sweater: estate sale
boots: thrifted Chinese Laundry (Buffalo Exchange)
leggings: DKNY
spoon necklace: Seymour, Indiana Oktoberfest vendor

Also, this bad boy finally came in the mail yesterday:


Yay! It's my camera remote! I'm looking forward to using it today. I played around with it a little last night, and I can only get the camera to do a two second delay. When I do it without the remote, I have a twelve second delay option. Strange! Does that mean I'm going to have the remote with me in every photo from here on out? If so, I'm going to have to find ways to strategically hide it. Expect to see me highlight every dress and skirt of mine that has pockets!

On an unrelated note, if you haven't already, make sure to check out this comment that someone anonymously left on my "Swap Thoughts" post. It offers a totally different perspective and even admonishes me for my attitude. Seriously, it's worth the read. I just wish it weren't anonymous.

Comment of the Day: Lol, I can see The Vacuum replacing The Tiny Dog/Adopted Foreign Child as the next big accessory! -A Chick Named Hermia