No magic pants involved... as far as I know.

The lovely Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky one day sent out a little email asking some of her blogging buddies if we'd be interested in doing an experiment: a "sisterhood of traveling style", if you will. Past bloggers have done this before with each other (ahem, Calivintage and What I Wore), so happily, we were all game. I was delighted to be asked to take part, and since each of us are different shapes and different sizes and live all over the country, it will be incredibly interesting to see how we remix and use the same exact items. I recommend adding all of these girls to your reading repertoire as they each have amazing, stylish, well known blogs. We're calling it The Delightful Dozen, and we are:

Delightful Dozen
Indiana from Adored Austin (Texas), Erin from Calivintage (California), Rebecca from The Clothes Horse (Washington), Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky (Alaska), Mel from Ideé Geniale (NYC), Jen from Jen Loves Kev (New York), Kristin from Leproust Vintage (Tennessee), Julie from Orchid Grey (Massachusetts), Jennifer from Sally Jane Vintage (Pennsylvania), Tieka from Selective Potential (Michigan), Krystal from This Time Tomorrow (Nevada), and Jessica from What I Wore (NYC).

Selective Potential and Delightfully Tacky already have one link in the style chain as Tieka recently styled Elizabeth's Cosette dress. The dress will go to Ideé Geniale next:
I'm still trying to decide what to send. My box's first stop will be Jessica, and so far I'm considering my new, vintage leather vest, my Le Sac dress, my Clyde's Rebirth necklace, and my floral tunic. If any of you care to go through my Weardrobe account to see what'd be good to pass on, let me know!

Additionally, if you'd like, you can keep up with our experiments on The Delightful Dozen Facebook. Maybe you can even find out which one of us goes to Greece for the summer and meets a cute Greek guy. Or something like that.