There's more to me than what I wear? Really?

On Wednesday night, Hubs and I got together at my friend Miranda's house to have dinner and to do a meet and greet with some of the guys who are speaking at Verge 10. I learned a lot from them and got super inspired to get The Wonder Love up and going. I know some of you may think it's bananas that I'm starting another blog, but I really needed a place where the topics can be a little broader. Writing is so much fun for me, but I want to keep Adored Austin on the path it's on now. I do think our new blog will be just as funny, but over there I will talk about things other than what I'm wearing or where I'm shopping. I hope to detail how our quest for pregnancy is going, and maybe one day it will be a baby blog! The Wonder Love is still under construction (I'm going to work on the header and the sidebars today), but we went ahead and added a little content, including a video! Check it out if you want to!

Also check out what I wore on Wednesday. It's the skirt I got at the swap that I said wasn't really my style. I decided to give her a chance:

swap skirt
swap skirt
swap skirt details

date: 3 February 2010
occasion: potluck dinner
sweater: Goodwill (Kankakee, IL)
skirt: swap
tights: We Love Colors
shoes: second hand Old Navy (swap)
dress (as shirt): American Apparel
belt (as necklace): gift
alligator bracelet: Fashionique

Yesterday I got an incredibly sweet email from Tolly, one of the organizers of the swap. Ever since I got that anonymous comment regarding my Rock 'n Swap recap, I've been feeling like a schmuck. I've been combing my mental Rolodex of all the people it could have possibly been and obsessing about whether or not they think I'm a terrible person. Finally, I just let it all go, and I used yesterday to relax and work on the new site. All your encouraging comments and emails regarding the comment combined with Tolly's incredibly gracious email lifted my spirits. I truly feel like I have the best readers in the world! I promise Adored Austin will not get abandoned (unlike my ill fated dinosaur mash-up site). Adored Austin is my first love. The Wonder Love? Well, right now that's just my thang on the side.